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  • Available length: 20CM.Flat soft ribbon HDMI cable for brushless gimbal,handhold gimbal, drone, dsrl gimbal,multicopter aerial photography, FPV

  • super soft and very light .only 5g.low profile thin flat slim flexiable HDMI extension

  • Micro HDMI Male 90 degree angled male to Mini HDMI Male 90 degree male interface.Both ports are 90 degree (Mini C-1 hdmi to Micro D-1) HDMI type D to type C.Strongly recommend checking the orientation of small micro and mini ends to ensure they fit your camera

  • Micro HDMI interface compatible with GH4 (Panasonic DMC-GH4); BMPCC.(blackmagic); SONY alpha A5000 A6000 A7S A7R;Mini HDMI male interface for (Canon) 5D3 5D2; (Panasonic lumix)GH3 GH2; (SONY NEX) 5N 5T 5R 7N

  • strong anti-interference capacity.Gold plated pins,Great quality. DO NOT SUPPORT 4K. Please switch to 1080P

  • Before you purchase:
    1. This is not a regular HDMI cable for regular purpose.
    2.Check the orientation of 90 degree HDMI to ensure it fits

    Available length:20CM
    2.Super soft slim flat flexiable and very light .only 5g
    3.Micro HDMI Male 90 degree male to MINI HDMI Male 90 degree male interface;
    Mini C-1 HDMI 90 angled to Micro D-1 HDMI 90 angled.
    4.Micro HDMI compatible with GH4 BMPCC.A5000 A6000 A7S A7R;Mini HDMI male for 5D3 5D2 GH3 GH2 5N 5T 5R 7N
    5.strong anti-interference capacity.

    Friendly reminder:
    1. Please do check the orientation of micro and mini ends to ensure it fits .
    2.For some cameras models,it might not support 4k, please switch to 1080p in that case
    3.if you are looking for FPV ribbon cables with different ends and lengths(5cm-100cm)
    Please be free to contact us.:)
    4. Those ribbon cables are triple tested for reliability. Nonetheless, should you ever experience a cable failure, please contact us for immediate assistance.

    If you are looking for fpv hdmi ribbon cable which are not in the listings,
    please contact us


    12 types of HDMI ends:
    1.MICRO HDMI (6X2.3mm) 4 types available:
    MICRO D-1 90 degree ;
    MICRO D-2 90 degree (reverse orientation of D-1);
    Micro D3 straight plug
    Micro female
    2.Mini HDMI(10.5X2.5mm) 4 types available:
    MINI C-1 90 degree;
    MINI C-2 90 degree(Reverse orientation of C-1);
    Mini HDMI straight plug;
    MINI FEMALE plug
    3. Standard HDMI 2.0 (14x4.5mm) 4types available:
    Standard A-1 straight plug;
    Standard HDMI 90degree A-2;
    Standard HDMI A-3 90degree (Reverse orientation of A-2);
    Standard FEMALE plug

    Lengths available :5cm;10cm;20cm;30cm;40cm;50cm;60cm;80cm;100cm

    FFC HDMI FPC HDMI FPV HDMI Cable Micro HDMI 90 degree angled male to Mini HDMI 90 degree angled for brushless gimbal handhold gimbal dsrl FPV ground monitoring aerial photography and shooting (20CM) - B073TTMCZW

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