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  • The cable handle creates order and protects cables and plugs.

  • With hanger and ergonomic handle.

  • Fits cables from 2 to 20 m.

  • Acid, petrol and oil-resistant.

  • Made from durable, shatter-proof plastic.

  • Product Information: cable handle.
    No more tangled, knotted cables.

    The solution is a cable handle.

    Bring order to your home, workshop and garden.
    For quickly winding and unwinding extension cables.
    Protects both the cable and the plug.
    Depending on the cable cross-section, for cables from 2 to 25 m long.
    The plug is protected by a plug contour.
    There are eyelets on both sides for easy mounting on the wall.
    Lightweight, but made from durable, shatter-proof plastic.
    Ideal for taking with you.
    Areas of use:
    For 230 V cable for light chains.
    For USB cables and RCA cables.
    For ropes, canvas and much more.
    Item data:
    Dimensions:L 370 mm x W 172 mm x 65 mm.
    Weight:220 g.
    Capacity:From 2 to 25 metres of cable.
    Material: acid, petrol and oil-resistant plastic.
    High-quality - made in Germany.

    ViD + Cord Handle for Wrapping up to 2 m of Cable Black - B076F1786F

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