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  • 50MM graphite thin sound unit, wide range, low bass, high-pitched and crisp.

  • Comfortable soundproof earmuffs, the earmuffs have a strong wrap, thickened ear ring design, strong elasticity, isolated outside sound.

  • LED colorful backlight, lighting system, cool fashion.

  • The intelligent suspension head beam greatly enhances the wearing comfort of the earphone, and the wearer has no pressure feeling, and is suitable for long time wearing.

  • Suspended head beam, fixed headset, comfortable breathable earmuffs, cool colorful breathing lights.

  • Wearing method: headphones

    Interface: USB

    Maximum carrying power: 50mm

    Line type: high strength tensile line

    Nature: Colorful lights.

    ZSY E-sports Internet Cafe Computer Headset Breathing Light Headset Headset Internet Cafe USB Black - B07G5H18VC

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